Touch panel does not work (three buttons on the bottom of the screen and one centimeters above)


I have a Fairphone 1 (second batch).

I broke my screen a few weeks ago.
I bought a new one, and changed it without any problem on monday 23rd of may 2016.
It worked perfectly for 2 days.

It did not fall or go into the water.

After 2 days (25th of may), the bottom of my touch screen did not respond (first, only the part with the three buttons). Since three days, the bottom part of the screen (one centimeter above the three buttons) dos not work neither.
It seems like the problem is going up slowly.

I wrote to the support team on the 25th of may, but did not receive any answer.
I wrote again on the 15th of june. No answer.

I do not know what to do.
My phone is almost unusable and I just spent 70€ to change the screen.

Thanks a lot fot the help you can give me!


PS: you’ll find here the message I sent on the 15th of june (it includes the one from the 25th of may).


I sent you a request on the 25th of May, and still do not
have any answer. I know you’re probably very busy, however, I cannot use
my phone without the 3 buttons on the bottom of the screen. Please give
me an answer.

Here is the request I sent en the 25th of May:


I have a problem with my fairphone 1.

I changed my screen on monday. Everything went good and everything seemed to be working afterwards.

However, since this afternoon (2 days later), the 3 buttons on the
bottom of the screen do not work (if I press them, nothing happens).

Please tell me what I can do to fix this.

Thanks a lot for your help,



Have you checked whether the connectors are still all correctly seated?
(Edit: and whether the tape mentioned in step 28 of the iFixit manual is still in place)
Also, you can chase support requests if you’ve been waiting that long here; it helps to mention your ticket number.

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Thank you for your answer.
I just checked if the connectors were correctly seated and also if the tape is still in place, and everything seems fine to me.

I also wrote a post on the forum page for requests without answer.

Hope I will get an answer soon.



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