Totally the best wishes from the Netherlands! Really, they are great!


A great video, fantastic.


I saw the video and it’s a great video. It really is. The Netherlands are great country, they are. The person speaking, is speaking a lot like me. I think he is not as good as I am, but he is good. I like the video. It’s great video and I saw it.


“Forget the Netherlands. They are a disaster, okay?” (Denmark)

This is the bestest follow up. It’s true, it’s fantastic!
(Germany is funny too)


Apparently, many countries have their promotion videos now. You can see some of them here: (it’s an article in Dutch, but the videos are not of course)

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That site is a total disaster. It fails on every level, just like the democratic party. I can’t click on any link there. Sad!

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What phone do you have? You should try with a Fairphone, it’s fantastic, it totally works, it’s the best phone ever.
Seriously, it works for me on Lightning. Just try the countries with coloured flags (even if Donald wouldn’t like to choose the coloured ones).


I don’t know, but it’s tremendous! If you don’t like something about it you can even take it apart and take out the bad hombres.
And I don’t know what you mean with Lighning, but I just used what grows naturally on my head. It’s called IceCat and it’s beautiful. You should try it sometime, you’ll love it!
I clicked on all the countries flags that I’d like to invade, but none of them let me in, maybe they have huge firewalls. Also the flags are too small to tap on with my huge hands, you should really see them, they are nearly as huge as the crowd at my inauguration.
Anyways I believe the developers of that site screwed up bigly. They are probably the same ones who made the site for Obamacare.


Let’s go to tiny, but great Madurodam for #efct17 ! :smiley:

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