Total screen white/blue pixelated/snow

Half of the time my screen shows only white/blue snow and doesn’t work.
When I suddenly come further, everything is much slower than usual.

What’s the problem? Is this the end of the display? Or a smaller problem, that I can fix. I scrolled through the whole list in the forum, but didn’t find this problem.

Thanks in advance.


A few weeks ago I dropped my Fairphone 3 very hard and the screen went completely “white/blue snow” (I hope we mean the same thing). I couldn’t see anything, but I could feel the phone vibrate to touch unlock a lot slower than usual.

I turned the phone off, disassembled it, and noticed the screen pads have been scraped / dug in a bit by the impact. But placing the screen back and reassembling the phone fixed it for me.

Maybe you could try to take it apart and put it back together, you might get lucky and your screen is also just not seated well and will work fine after.

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I guess this is what your FP3 screen looks like:

Take a look at this thread, it has happened to more people, and usually opening the FP3 and cleaning the contacts (and sometimes you don’t even need to clean them) fixes it.

If you dare to clean them, they would be the ones marked in blue in the following image:

(You have more information on how to clean them in this thread).

Good luck!


I’d like to say thanks for your great support and advice. I followed the instructions and it solved my problem.
My screen reacts even faster, but that might be imagination.
Thanks again.