Topics beginning with ✏ / ': pencil2 :'

What does :pencil2: / ‘: pencil2 :’ mean? I’ve found 50 topics with this word/icon in its title. Does it mean that those topics are ‘approved’, because of good/reliable, easy to read information (wikis)?

It means they are #wiki posts.
We once decided to use the :pencil2: symbol to make them more distinguishable from “normal” topics, but lately we haven’t always strictly stuck to that convention. As you can see there are 100 Topics tagged with #wiki.

PS: Once discourse (forum software) supports emojis in tag names I hope we can use the :globe_with_meridians: icon in the #wiki tag instead of the :pencil2: in the title.
We are using flag-emojis already to indicate non-english topics, although without official support it still has some downsides.

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