Too drastic battery optimizations after last update?

After the August update, somthing has changed about how the phone limits battery usage by apps.

  1. I’m not sure if I’ve ever set an alarm in the battery saver mode before, but now the phone has warned me that due to the battery saver mode, the alarm may go off at a different time, or also never. I had to explicitly forbid battery optimization for the Clock app to get rid of this warning.
  2. An audiobook app I’m using is now intermittently pausing playback after a random amount of time. I also tried to allow it to run in the background unrestricted, and yesterday it seemed to help. However, today I got the intermittent pause again. But it was only one pause in an hour, not five as before changing the optimization settings.

Does anybody have a similar experience, or is it just a bug in Audiobook app?

What’s worst, even though the optimization seems to be more drastical, I don’t observe any increase in battery life.

I have notice that, for example, not keeping apps running in the background, doesn’t make a noticeable difference, though I still do that but I have no battery saving options.

Follow steps at

Thanks, but it didn’t help… And I’m not going to disable doze mode completely… It’s just weird that I’ve been using the app and alarms without any problems for a year, and now suddenly both start acting weird at the same time…