Today's (Nov 6th) update crashes keyboard

I just got a new software (November 6) update but now I can’t use my phone!!!
Every 15 seconds or so I get the message that the Android keyboard (AOSP) has stopped, and an OK button.
It’s impossible to go to Google Play, the page seems to start but then just disappears again…


The phone is impossible to use…

What update you refer to?

Did you restart your phone?

Perhaps you can install the FDroid app, you can do this on the play website.
Then you could install the Android keyboard from the FDroid Market.

If you’ve just installed the 1.6 update, then you should add the Gogle Apps installer widget to your homescreen again and use that to reinstall the Google apps.

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I just had the same problem.
I installed the 1.6 update and afterwards googleplaystore (that was expected) and the Android keyboard (that was unexpected) didn’t work anymore. With installing Google Play (as Jerry just described) both worked again.

I’m a bit shocked by this advice. I for one belong to those that appreciate Google things not being preinstalled, and just won’t install them -and my Fairphone works perfectly. May I suggest the OP issue isn’t at all a need for installing Google Apps.

@Herve5 But if the keyboard entirely disappeared, then somehow you need to get it back. Probably the AOSP keyboard from F-Froid won’t install because of signature conflicts.

If you didn’t install Google Apps in the first place, there aren’t any keyboard problems when installing an update. Nothing to worry about. I guess the Google Apps-package contains a new keyboard that gets set as default and / or replaces the AOSP keyboard. Can’t tell for sure though, as I never installed Google Apps either.

Erm, he mentioned not being able to get into Google Play which is a clear indication of having the Google Apps on there. The symptoms match the situation of not reinstalling the apps after installing a new FairPhone OS update.

Thanks all of you for your response!
Apparently after updating you need to reinstall google play and after doing so the keyboard is working again.



Glad to hear you sorted.

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