To sync with SD Card

I would like to sync data on my sd card with the app named syncthing.

If I try to create a folder within syncthing I get a warning:

Warning: Your Android Version doesn’t allow to sync with external storage


Warnung: Deine Andoid-Version(sic) erlaubt kein Synchronisieren auf externe Datenträger

There is a folder on sd card which I can select: /storage/sdcard1/Android/data/com.nutomic.syncthingandroid/files.
But I can’t select my folders, for example /storage/sdcard1/sync-folder.

I’ve already enabled root access for apps How to root the FP Open OS on the FP2!
and added writing permission for media SD Card no writing permission in FP2

If there’s nothing on the sd-card that you need, then I would recommend the following:
Go to Settings
Go to Storage
swipe down till you see "Erase SD card"
erase your card ( you will loose everything that already is on the card)
And try again.

If you need some of the data on the card, then
connect your Fairphone to a computer and
make a folder on the computer let’s say: Fairphone03-01-17
and copy everything into this folder.
Disconnect your phone from the computer
Now you can erase your card.

Same problem after I erased my card and rebooted android (FP2-userdebug 5.1 FP2 fp2-sibon-16.12.0). A screenshot enclosed:

Perhaps it’s the app syncthing.
Have a look at the app DavDroid. You can install DavDroid by installing F-Droid first.

Here is the solution: With “Andoid-Version” they mean the app version of syncthing. You have to activate the possibility of syncing to external devices in the options (Syncthing-Einstellungen/Verhalten/Erweiterte Verzeichnisauswahl benutzen).

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