To stay away from goorgol: threema >

like and secure voip recommendation in f-droid or elsewhere?
in the best case cross-plattform.

thanks for your recommendations!

You could use Silence (Play Store and F-Droid), a Signal-fork which lets you send encrypted SMS. Or Tox, (Play Store, F-Droid with Guardian Repo in settings, iOS, MacOS/OSX and Windows), an open source Skype alternative. Of course, you can also use the “standard” alternatives like Signal or Threema, or other (not open source) apps such as Wickr or Wire. Feel free to try! :slight_smile:

Wire is open source, but relies on proprietary dependencies (Google Services). Note that the ecosystem is centralized and their backend server code is proprietary, just like Telegram’s and Signal’s.
Yesterday @h2 offered a 50€ reward to someone who successfuly adapt Wire Android client’s source code to fit F-Droid requirements.
Threema is not open source, btw, :wink:

I think the OP is looking for something like Ring. It is available on F-Droid and recently joined the GNU project.

and Kontalk (Fdroid)

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thank you folks!
i check those out. ring sounds nice imho!

is this in a usable state by now? i bookmarked this something like 2 years back but always had the impression that they do not make any progress…


and Signal needs google play services + store (though I hear it works with µG, will try that soon).
and everything else, nobody uses :frowning:

What about Linphone. I am using with their own SIP service. Audio/Video quality OK for me.

For reading…

.Open Secure Telephony Network (OSTN): Verschlüsselte Internettelefonie

.Open Source VoIP: What is Linphone?

.Bye Bye Skype, Top 3 Free Replacements

. Comparison of VoIP software

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Tox is in a usable state (at least they say that, I haven’t been able to test it yet since no one of my firends use it), but it’s in development. I would guess this means it’s like a working beta…

@nohwann: Thanks for mentioning Linphone, I totally forgot about that :slight_smile:

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LibreSignal is a Signal fork without Google Services dependencies. There is a Fdroid repo here (you need the experimental repo):
Works fine so far.

ring isn’t working at all neither on mac os nor fp open.
i’m trying to get along with linphone, linking mobile and desktop version was not a problem at all,
now i have to find a friend who’s willing to use it, so i can verify it’s working.

LibreSignal is dead :frowning:

what do you mean by that? I installed it (on FP Open) but didn’t have the chance to test it with somebody yet. But it installed and I can run it.
Or do you mean that you could not connect with anybody?

  • i tried to to send text from phone to the desktop and it took about 15min to arrive

  • i tried to call from phone to the desktop and no connection was build up

  • i tried to sync the phone with my desktop but there was no option on the phone where i could do that but on the desktop i found a menu for that

  • more things are pretty ‘beta’
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Thats only the “official” announcement. In fdroid it is up to date and working.


hmm… bummer. and interesting that it has such good reviews in the play store. also it was recently added to GNU. I shall properly test it soon :wink:

interesting… also, I should have read the text that I was linking to more carefully. they just updated it a few days ago – seems like there is a chance that it’s not quite dead yet :slight_smile:

EDIT: they say here that the last update was indeed the very last one. in that thread they also provide these 2 links where different encrypted messengers/VoIP apps are compared.

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So dead or not dead seems not to be the question anymore…
This means that the second question, if Libresignal can communicate (encrypted) with Signal isn’t really relevant anymore either.

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