To repair the FP2 (core module)

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Hi, I have a problem with my Fairphone. it seems a mechanical problem between screen and core module. Any experience about this problems?


Some more details about the symptoms you face would be helpful.

I can recommend this post:


hi, I don’t understand what is this " maybe check the oven".
now the situation is better, I think it is mechanical problem, I removed all module and reassembled them,

the problem disappeared.


I’m happy to hear that your problem has now been solved!
In my link I was referring the mentioned “placed a small piece of cardboard under the contact between screen and core module”. This would probably help on a mechanical problem.


ok, any pictures about this solution?


There are pictures at the bottom of the linked post.


thank you, I dind’t open the original post, up to day I have read only your answers under my post.
Yes it is like my problem, I solved it just removing all modules, also the metal cover of core module and reassembled all together.

I also changed the cover, the old one was to much “soft”, I was opening it to much often, because with android 7.0 I was not able to switch off,

now I find a solution, I have to switch on the light and switch it off.