[Titanium Backup Pro] restored apps keep crashing (open failed: EACCES (Permission denied))


in short: Restoring data of any apps using Titanium Backup Pro causes the restored apps to crash immediately after starting. According to logs there are file permissions issues. But I am unable to find the cause!?

Affected are/were backups from/to different roms, in Detail:

  • any backups from LineageOS 17 (Android 10) to (stock Fairphone) Android 13
  • any backups from LineageOS 17 (android 10) to LineageOS 21 (Android 14)
  • any backups from (stock Fairphone) Android 13 to LineageOS 21 (Android 14)

device is a Fairphone 5 with freshly installed LineageOS, rooted using Magisk, installed Titanium Backup Pro from google play market.

diving into Details

-install from backups without data restore work and will work, when I delete the app’s storage using app details.

-logcat shows exceptions caused by “EACCES (Permission denied)” when opening apps with data restored

wanted to insert those blocks as spoilers, but message got to long. thus they can be downloaded

Example (app aNag):


but the permissions seem to be correct, when I look at the affected folders using ls and even lsattr.

ls, working without data restored:

ls, crashing after data restored:

–>all permissions and ownerships seem to be the same

lsattr working vs. crashing

→ don’t see any differences

I tried a lot different combination in TB’s restoration and troubleshooting settings.

Ownership was originally not the same of course, the tarball’s stored ownership was “u0_a222/u0_a222”, TB correctly applies the new ownership for restored data.

details on the backup:
tarball listing:
.properties file:

any help very very much appreciated :slight_smile:

thank you


Adding a question:

Does Android use any other means of file access control (e.g. access control lists or anything) I am not aware of?

I used to use this app for data restore but it seems discontinued. I use it now for freezing apps such as the annoying gov emergency response. As a long time android user since 2010 I recommend swift backup for restoring apps with no crashes and in 5 years time should that app get discontinued check for similar apps because people tend to pickup where others have left off under a different app name. Good luck.

ty. fortunately I have (somewhat limited - usb port broken, can’t even charge) access to my old cell phone running LineageOS 17 / Android 10. will try swift backup.
Does it have functionality similar to TB?

Very similar. It can backup sms, call logs,WiFi networks and has cloud back up.

Pretty sure it will work out if you use this app. I am using a fair phone 4 and was thinking of upgrading to theversion 5. If you happen to use lineage 21 would you be able to check for me if the call recording works with both the callers voice and the one receiving it being recorded in the call. It is a deal breaker for me :slight_smile:

ty again

call recording doesn’t work for me (no option while in call). But may be blocked by region (Germany) or service provider (Telefónica Germany).

I too used to use Titanium Backup, but I’ve now switched to Neo Backup: GitHub - NeoApplications/Neo-Backup: backup manager for android