Tips to avoid swollen battery?


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I bought Fairphone 3 in November 2019. Then last month, in January 2023 I noticed swollen battery on the Fairphone 3. After noticing it I immediately ordered a new battery and a transparent case again on the Fairphone website. Then after 1 week, I am happy with this new battery and case again. Thanks for the repairable phone!

Here is the photo. The left one is the old swollen battery, and the right one is the new battery.

Now I am curious about ways or tips to avoid or mitigate the swollen battery in the future. Because when I have been using iPhones in the past, I have never seen or noticed a swollen battery.

Help, My Laptop Battery Is Swollen! Now What?
Help, My Laptop Battery Is Swollen! Now What? | PCMag

What Causes My Battery to Swell?

Swollen batteries are the result of two things: energy density and heat. The swelling is the result of too much current coursing, in a noncontrolled fashion, inside a cell of the battery, which causes a build-up of heat and gas. This happens as the materials inside a battery decay or are subjected to stress or physical damage over time.

The most common cause of a swollen battery is overcharging. Keeping your battery at a high state of charge, according to Shi, can stress it out, allowing it to degrade faster.

Another common cause is mechanical damage to the battery.

Any tips are welcome. Thank you.

You are asking users to speculate, why not, something may ring a bell in your use or choice of product :slight_smile:

Comparing to Apple batteries is a no go, unless of course you compare 100,000 to 100, 000 etc. (Which I’m pretty sure no of the forum users have or will ever have)

But then is it the quality of the battery or the charging and use.

Let’s imagine it’s has nothing to do with the battery but only the use and charging.


  • The use: Does Apple, in your case demand less power and limit the CPU GPU drain etc.
  • Does the Apple have a better cooling system as heat is the most damaging factor
  • The charging regime: Does Apple have a better control

Now as this is not an Apple issue, although you like to compare.

  • Check the heat of the phone at all times and reduce the load if it feels warm
  • Monitor the battery charge and do not charge above 80%
  • maybe overcharging by leaving it plugged in over night is an issue in your case.

Of course if you didn’t compare to an ‘Apple’ battery it could just be a faulty battery

Thank you for your response and info.

Why comparing to Apple batteres is no go? I also don’t understand what the “unless of course you compare 100,000 to 100, 000” means. Could you explain more about it without analogy?

Oh, these are what Apple does? I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing it.

How to reduce the load?

This is difficult, isn’t it? Do you keep monitoring if it is not charged above 80% during charing?

OK. Could you share the past discussion links about this topic, the ways to avoid swollen batteries? I assumed the tips to use the battery effective or to last longer is a bit different from the tips to avoid the swollen battery. That’s why I created this topic newly. Do you have a concern about this new topic thread?

I don’t understand this sentence. Yes, I will dispose of the old battery in a safe way.

Of course if you didn’t compare to an ‘Apple’ battery it could just be a faulty battery

If my old battery is a faulty battery, how can I avoid it with my new battery in the future?

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In reverse order

You can’t

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I monitor my battery daily and charge usually between 30% and 80% occasionally 90% or 100% but I also have an FP3 which shows a green LED when 90% plus

If the phone isn’t warm, no problem.

Disable NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if you are not using them. Disable Location etc.

I didn’t say Apple did anything, just what could be happening

I use the app AccuBattery from Digibites. The app gives me a ‘sound’ when the battery is charged at 80%.
One can choose the limit % for charging.

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