Tip: Avoid issues updating Fairphone OS when Google Now Launcher is installed


Since a week I’ve been using the Google Now launcher instead of the default Fairphone OS launcher. The updater downloaded the 1.6 version and did a reboot of the Fairphone.

Initially all seems to go well (installation of the update, updating of applications, booting the phone), but I ran intro trouble as Google Play services quits unexpectedly all the time. I tried to reinstall Google Play Services with the Google Play store, but Wifi network doesn’t work somehow.

Only way to resolve the situation is to deinstall the Google Now launcher (Settings -> Apps -> Google Now launcher -> deinstall). As soon as I exited the Settings menu the Fairphone intro music started. Installation restarted and now all is well.

In short - make sure you use the Fairphone OS Launcher before starting the update!

Enjoy your device!



Good tip. It’s a well established problem that the Fairphone updates fail when other launchers are active - but I hadn’t come across the Google Now launcher yet (was only available for 4.4 kitkat devices last time I looked) :smile:

Google made the launcher available for all 4.1+ devices recently (last week).

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They should really update their “How to re-install the App Store” page with this info, I just found it out myself … f***.

Same here! Thanks for the tip, I didn’t realize was GNL’s fault!
I had to:

  1. Uninstall the google play services and the playstore
  2. Reboot
  3. Reinstall them using the widget provided by the fairphone os.

Now all seems to be fine:)

I have updated the title to make this easier for those with the launcher installed to find out about this, and I will recommend that the install instructions are updated to mention disabling alternative launchers before updating :thumbsup:

Can’t be causing my problems: not installed. Could something alike do the same? Or only Launchers?

Thanks for the feedback, all.

The article about re-installing the app store has been updated with this notice.

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