Time wrong on notifications on the lock screen

If my fairphone 4 is sitting idle on the desk with its sceen off, when a notification arrives then the display turns on to show the notification. The time is wrong, however, usually showing the time when the display last turned on, not the current time.

My FP4 is fully updated.

Anyone else seen this or know how to fix it?

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I note on my FP3 that i get some time/date anomalies as i don’t use automatic update to network.

If i remove battery the phone resets to the last time the OS was updated.

Maybe there is some delay on updating times also if rely on the network, remove battery, pickup network etc.

Really I have no idea, but hi :smiley:

I haven’t witnessed that behaviour on my FP4 (doesn’t mean it’s not there), but I know it all too well from my Nexus 4. Usually the clock jumps to the current time after a second or two.
I guess this could be related to the phone entering doze while not in use and that probably stops updating the widget, but I’m not sure :man_shrugging:

Does your clock get stuck on the previous time? :thinking:

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Hi @hirnsushi , thanks for your reply. I’ve tried to watch it carefully and it doesn’t update after a second or two… but then the notification doesn’t stay on the screen very long.

My guess is that this is an underlying Android issue rather than Fairphone specific, so I’m hoping that it gets fixed up in one of the general system updates.

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Hi all,
I occasionally encounter a minor display bug: the lock screen time is outdated until I unlock the screen. Note that I use the app Pick To Wake to turn on the display and show the lock screen by just grabbing it.
A typical example is waking up during the night, taking the phone to see the time (let’s say 5:00), then going back to sleep because I can, then later re-take it to see again the time. The display continues to show 5:00 until I unlock it to see that it’s in fact 9:30…
Does anyone else has this issue?

I’ve moved your post to this existing topic, as it seems to deal with the same issue.

@Roger_Lucas have you been able to solve this problem? :thinking:

Sadly, I’ve not found a solution.

It seems that when the screen turns on, the time shown is the time that the screen was last on, which may be minutes or hours earlier. The display sometimes updates to the correct time, but I’ve no idea what triggers the update.

I have no idea why there is such a fundamental bug still in Android.


That isn’t really the issue it it doesn’t happen on other FP4s Have you tried running the phone in safe mode for a while to try and eliminate app interference.

Android on the FP3 and FP4 is A11 and I see no such thing on either.

Thanks @hirnsushi. I’ve search on the forum without success before posting though :slight_smile:

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Does one of you run any battery optimization apps or anything similar?