Time lapse doesn't turn off screen after a few minutes

Just did a time lapse of just 2 hours and the battery drained 50%. This is I suppose mostly due to the screen staying on. On a Pixel the screen goes off (OLED, so more like dimmed with just a few pixels on). It would be great if Fairphone applies these small but brilliant tweaks.

Also the counter and shutter sounds should stop after 5 minutes or so. And just like any other camera recording activities, the phone should enable do not disturb.

The camera auto-closes after a few minutes when not using it. The flash also doesn’t work when the battery is below 15%, so FP does want to builtin power saving tweaks. I’ll #contactsupport to add auto turn off screen after 5 minutes or so. This thread is just to add it to the issue list.


To me it seems like a flaw that when turning the screen off, the time lapse video shuts off. I’d like to be able to create long time lapse videos, but with the screen on constantly, you’d need a power source for videos of any length so Restart your device and try again .

Rachel Gomez

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Indeed, on a Pixel this does work fine. Hopefully they can replicate this feature. No response from support yet.

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