Time and notifications icons not visible - long carrier name in status bar

Ok, understood now, I never look at any small icons somewhere, but always rely on the textual notifications, as I have to look at them anyway, if I can spot an icon which doesn’t give me any information at all.

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Howdy guys,
I’m currently testing Super Tatus Bar (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tombayley.statusbar) - I know, Fairphone should provide a fix but while waiting I want a bug fix for me. The App does provide anything I need without root!
I’ve chosen Style: Android 10m height 30 and extras - side clearance 8 (because of the round corners). Unfortunatelly transparent ist not available.

Here is a screenshot of my FP4:


I just browsed through all 62 replies so far, and I’m a bit surprised the word “launcher” hasn’t featured in this topic at all. Is the status bar beyond the abilities of an alternative launcher?

I am pretty content using the super status bar app. I find an alternative launcher more invasive. It changes al kinds of things while I only need an adjustment of the status bar.


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Today’s update \o/


Well spotted! I don’t have a problem, since I’m on 3 UK - not a long name - but it’s cleaner to get rid of it anyway.

For those who don’t speak French, could you provide some more details in English? The screenshot is not telling me much :slight_smile:

Here is one in German :wink::

It’s in Settings->Display->Advanced, like it was before.


It is awesome to have the notification icons back!! Thanks Fairphone-Team for adding this option asap!


Insert Samual L. Jackson meme about speaking English ;p

The Update of the year ! :slight_smile:

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Works for me too! Thanks for the tip on this update. The super status bar app can be removed … :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Instead of making a point of killing all possible motivation of users to redo the screenshot with the language set to English, you could have used an online translator in about the same time.


Ja dat kan natuurlijk ook. Maar lijkt je dat niet een beetje onhandig als we dat allemaal gaan doen? Even de screenshot toelichten met een beetje tekst was voldoende, niet alleen voor mij, maar voor de meesten op dit forum.

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Maybe so. But there’s a reason you didn’t post the cited meme directly here, isn’t there :wink: ?

The screenshots show the desired switch to turn off the carrier name in the status bar.

In the screen options you can set it.

What :wink:?
I showed a screenshot in German and explained the way to the setting in English, so do you still need more explanation?


What is up with the core people in this community. Things that can be said and done simple seem to spin out into a discussion that can be avoided from the start if people just react normally to reasonable comments.

It’s in Settings->Display->Advanced, like it was before.

Doesn’t tell anyone anything :slight_smile: Yeah, I can guess it’s a fix for the issue since it’s marked as a solution. But one person shows a French screenshot without any explanation. Then you share a German one without explaining why it is relevant. International communities speak English, that way everyone can understand each other. Anders kan ik hier ook wel gewoon Nederlands gaan typen, toch? :wink:

What is up with you, that you are always complaining about everything?

Everybody else in this thread understood the topic: How to disable the carrier name in the status bar.

And this is an international forum, so we speak different languages, not only English.


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