Threads vs Topics

So why is my reply down here and not attached to the post I replied to … I’m not a fan of Discourse +__+

Because Discourse doesn’t use threaded replies. Since you clicked the reply button under BeMiGro’s post though there is a link to his post in the right top side of your post (PS: And since @Stefan moved that post that link is now broken. :wink:)

I like Discourse’s topics better than other forums’ threads, since new posts are always at the bottom and you can read everything chronologically.

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Mh, whenever I try to read Discourse threads it feels like Twitter for me (but the other way round, if I understand you right?) because most of the time you have no idea what people referring to so it’s mostly just a incomprehensable mess for me. Ideally you’d could have both and just switch between threaded and what Discourse does but I guess that’s super hard to implement.

Cool, I’ll read up on the „Buy a FP2 vs wait for FP3“-thread, thanks!

This can be prevented by using the reply button under the post you are replying to or using the quote reply function (just select the text you want to quote and the button will appear.
Also if a discussion is going off-topic it’s the moderators’ job to split it (like I did just now).


But wait, Discourse does use threaded topics, I can click on that „1 Reply“ button under my original post and see your (@paulakreuzer) answer. And then I scroll down and there’s your answer again. Where you cite some of what I wrote. So in the end I’m reading about 300% of what I’d have read if it would just be a threaded conversation. Anyway, people seem to like it this way otherwise noone would use Discourse. I’m gonna shut up about this now, sorry.


Discourse wouldn’t like to hear that. :wink:

Funny, I just saw someone saying “thread” in another discourse forum. And to be honest, other forums I used in the past always used the term “thread”, even though they looked not that much different. I had to think hard to remember a place where “threads” are “real threads”. Youtube comments come to mind, but no forums :smiley: But then, to me it seems, “thread” and “topic” often were used interchangeably.

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Yes, I think only Discourse is eager to distinguish the two words.
Also I wouldn’t know a German word for “topic” other than the germanized “thread”.

I guess “Thema” would be the one; while thread could be translated “Strang” or “Faden”.
Possibly the difference (though I use them for synonyms myself) is, that a topic is discussion centered on this topic, while a thread is more open to going astray; even changing the topic or multiplying the topics discussed.
A topic therefore would need more moderation by splitting or guiding the discussion, while a thread moves on.

Well, just guesswork, to be honest.
But translation lends it plausibility.


Well I suppose people mean either when they use either word. If every other forum and their mother uses the term thread its gonna be a matter of habit to use the word thread.

Personally, I associate the word topic with the word tag or the subject line. Those also define whether something is offtopic or ontopic.

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