This forum's "dev" tag does not appear in "all categories"

Is there a way to get it in there?

Edit: And others like “bug report” are missing, too.

First of all, don’t confuse tags and categories.
Secondly some categories have sub categories. #software:dev and #software:bug-reports for example are both sub categories of #software.

If you want a list of all categories don’t tap the “all categories” dropdown menu, but tap on “categories” 5 words further right.

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I see - thank you! It’s a bit confusing though, is there no way to display the sub-categories under “categories” as well or at least give some hint/indication that some of these have sub-categories?

Or maybe rename “all categories” to “top categories” if that’s possible?

I agree. It’s not intuitve, if you don’t know already.

Another alternative: In the “all categories”-drop-down menu, one could add a drop-down-arrow for every top category which has subcategories. So that by clicking on it you see the subcategories (maybe as in a folder tree). Anyway, any change needs to be done by Discourse and a feature request there would make more sense …