There is no connection for the number you have dialed

I have a very strange problem and I am also not sure if it comes from my fairphone or my provider.

First about the provider. It is premiumsim from germany and belongs to Drillisch which belongs to 1&1 which rents into the mobile network of O2/Telefonica. Before my FP3+ I had a FP2. There I didn’t have the same issue but it was even worse. The network connection was really bad and it took sometimes more than 15 min to register into a network and get internet. Or I wasn’t reachable like my phone was in airplane mode…

But now it is like this. I receive a call or I call someone that doesn’t matter. Then I start talking and after 8 seconds or after 65 seconds or between the connection is lost. Also possible that the connection doesn’t lost. It is not reproducible! When the connection lost I got this very weird Message, first in german and then in english: “Die von Ihnen gewählte Nummer ist nicht vergeben”, " there is no connection for the number you have dialed"

My wife is using the same provider with the same contract without any problem but using a Xiaomi.

So any one else with maybe the same problem? Or must it be the provider? Or could it be that a deactivated google service/app is causing this?

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It’s possible. Could you provide a list of the apps you disabled?

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Did your wife disable Google apps/services on her Xiaomi, too? Which ones have you deactivated, and why?

You might also want to check if your APN settings are correct. You can do so under Settings > Network and internet > Mobile network > Advanced > Access Point Names. The correct PremiumSIM settings can be found here.

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Yes of course.
Maybe also to mention I want to install /e/ but it is still not available for the plus. First I deactivated all google things and permissions on it. After i experienced this problem I resetted the google things, I could do that in the settings, but that didn’t help neither. So at the moment these apps are deactivated.

  1. Android Auto
  2. Chrome
  3. Drive
  4. Duo
  5. Fotos
  6. Gboard
  7. Gmail
  8. Google Play Filme & Serien
  9. Google Play Store
  10. Kalender
  11. Maps
  12. Messages
  13. Youtube

This is most likely an issue with your operator. Did you contact them about it?

Also see the latest blog post about recent software issues:
If your operator can’t help you please contact Fairphone Support and give them all the information they ask for in the blog post.

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I had the problem a while ago using winsim (also Drillisch) as my provider. This was due to a disturbance in the o2 network. I think you can check whether there are any issues listed on the o2 homepage regarding your area as far as I remember.

I just tested it again with the phone from my wife and everything was fine…

The phone of my wife is stock… she didn’t deactivated anything.

Until now i didn’t contact the operator.

I deactivated the google things because I am not such a fan to be spied on everytime…

I don’t think I can see that on the O2 Homepage, it is not something recently I have this problem since I use the phone I think. So at least for 2 weeks. And on the O2 page (there is everything fine in my area) are errors that should affect everyone then the phone of my wife should be affected too.

But thanks I looked into the APN settings… and I adjusted the authorization setting… maybe that… if it still persists then I would contact my Operator and then I would switch to /e/
I’ll update the thread if something changes… or I have more info.

Thank you very much for your replies :slight_smile:

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Just a short update, I contacted my provider and they answered very fast :), they said that they updated something… Until today it didn’t occure again… so maybe it helped. But as it doesn’t occure every time I need some weeks so I can say to 100% percent that that helped.


I finally I got a answer from fairphone:

Step 1: 3rd-party apps

is not the case, skip

Step 2: Safe mode

  • Reboot your Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+ in Safe mode
  • Make a call to test if the same issue persists.
  • Does the issue still occur?
  • If no, follow the next steps:
  • Make a Back up of your personal data
  • Perform a Factory Reset
  • Let us know if the issue is solved when no apps have been reinstalled.
  • If yes, please, answer the following questions:
  • Does it happen in every call or only with certain numbers?
  • Does it happen only from a certain location or everywhere?

Step 3: SIM Cards

On several occasions, we have verified that those issues are due to the SIM Card, phone provider, and/or sim slot. To provide you further assistance, we will need to rule out these two causes because otherwise, the repair center will not be able to replicate those issues. **

Please, follow the next steps:**

  • Make sure your SIM card is newer than one year.

Some providers supply it for free (an option might be to treat yourself to a new SIM card).

  • If you have 2 SIM cards, remove one SIM Card and test them one at a time
  • With only one SIM card
  • Does the issue still happen?
  • Test your SIM card in both SIM slots
  • Move the SIM card to the other slot. Does the issue still happen?
  • If no, let us know in which sim slot (1 or 2) the problem occurs.
  • If yes, please keep reading.
  • Test the phone with a SIM from a different provider(newer than one year)
  • Does the issue still happen?
  • If no, let us know which providers worked and which one didn’t.
  • If yes, please keep reading.

Step 4:Take some screenshots

We will need the following additional information to investigate further:

a) Build number

  • Go to Settings > About phone > Status >(scroll all the way down) About phone > Build number
  • Take a Screenshot(s) and send it to us

b) SIM status

  • Please go to **Settings > About phone > SIM status >**Select the SIM card affected
  • Take a Screenshot(s) and send it to us

c) Network Provider(s) and country

If you didn’t specify it already, please let us know which network provider you are using and in which country you are having these issues.

Since then the problem didn’t occure the same way again… what does that mean? One time it may be the bad connection and another time after hanging up… so I am still not sure, but I have really the feeling that it is better but still such a random thing and I am not calling that often that I can’t say anything for sure. Only all my test calls since then were 100% fine.

I have a update. And it is not a good one :frowning:. I was called twice from the landline on wednesday. The first lasted 50s and the second 59s. After the first one I turned off my wifi but that did not help.
Also before this I switched my OS to /e/.

The last thing left not tested is turning of 4G.
In the german thread @Michael2c8 posted
Let’s see.

Settings -> Network & Internet -> Mobile -> 4G-Calls => turn off.

After all the months and some calls but it weren’t really much I believe I can say it is solved. Since then I also received some /e/ updates. I also turned on everything again. 4g call and wifi call.

I think it is fixed now :slight_smile:


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