There IS a weird app that I cant uninstall - FET


I have a weird app called FET- Far eastone télécommunications and co, that was pre-installed on my fairphone. I did not install this app, yet it’s here.
It’s all written in Taiwanese and I Wonder what it IS used for.
When I want to uninstall it, I actually dont have the option, I Can only deactivate it.
And when I want to deactivate it, I have a message that basically says “this app was pre-installed and if you want to deactivate it, your phone may not function properly. You cannot delete it, if you deactivate it, it will not appear but will still be there”

I’m quite suspicious about this app, that’s why I’m writting here.
Can I delete it? Should I delete it ?

Thank you !

Looks like some provider app: Far EasTone - Wikipedia
Maybe the merger section does help. Probably installed because your sim card provider


as you dont mention which FP you have

Discussed here for the FP4

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