The XL automatically goes into pairing mode when turned on

The XL automatically goes into pairing mode when it’s turned on. This is not a regular design choice. The pairing mode should be initiated by the user by long pressing the ANC button only. It should never be automatically, absolutely never. Why? Because if I’m in a busy train and I turn on my XL, but forgot to turn on Bluetooth on my FP4, or turned Bluetooth off myself but forgot to turn off my XL, then someone else has the opportunity to connect to my XL. If this happens to someone that doesn’t understand what’s happening it could be hard for someone to fix it, since the auto-connect will also look for that newly connected device after restarting. It’s more secure and user friendly if pairing mode is initiated by the user only, not automatically when the device is turned on and doesn’t find a previously connected device in the first 3 seconds.

I reported the issue and it was forwarded to the product team.

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