The world's first carbon negative phone network? Meet Honest Mobile

Originally published at: The world's first carbon-negative phone network? Meet Honest Mobile. - Fairphone

At Fairphone, we don’t just want to make a fairer phone: we want to make a fairer electronics industry. This isn’t something we can do alone; as Louisa May Alcott wrote, “it takes two flints to make a fire”. Today, we are thrilled to announce our latest partnership that’s fanning the flames of positive change: we’re joining forces with Honest Mobile, the world’s first carbon negative phone network!

What makes Honest Mobile different?

On average, we pick up our phones 58 times a day – just to send a quick email, chat to a friend or watch a new video. Every time we use the internet, we need to use energy to run the data centers and servers that carry our information around the world. All of this adds up and current reports estimate that the use of electronics, including the systems that support them, are responsible for around 3.7% of greenhouse gases released. That’s about the same amount as the airline industry, one of the worst contributors to the climate crisis!

That’s why Honest Mobile decided to try doing things differently – they offset DOUBLE the amount of CO2 emissions generated by their customers’ phone use, manufacturing and daily charging as well as the running of Honest Mobile HQ. They calculate their emissions each month and then offset double the CO2 by planting trees- lots and lots of trees!- with On A Mission and TTreeSisters – and will soon add Direct Air Capture and Biochar to their offsetting portfolio. On top of their carbon offsetting, they are also working with TreeSisters to plant one million trees. Honest Mobile users can even track how many trees they have planted in the Honest Mobile app.

This is a game-changing approach for a mobile network. By taking responsibility for potential negative impacts, Honest Mobile is showing how business can be a force for good in our industry!

What about Fairphone’s carbon footprint?

Reducing the carbon footprint of mobile networks is only one part of the problem. By 2040, communication technology will account for 14% of the global environmental footprint. A phone’s biggest environmental impact comes from the manufacturing process, which produces 50kg or more of CO2 equivalent per device. In other words, the longer you keep your phone, the more sustainable it becomes. Extending the lifespan of smartphones from the standard 2-3 years to at least 5 years is the best strategy for reducing their related CO2 emissions and impact on the entire planet.

By focusing on simple DIY repairs, replaceable parts, modular upgrades and extended software support, we’re helping our customers to use – and enjoy – their Fairphones for as long as possible, all while reducing CO2 emissions. Combining our approach with Honest Mobile’s carbon negative network is the perfect match!

Business as a force for good

By happy coincidence, we’re announcing this new partnership during B Corp Month – a time to recognize and celebrate companies that use business to create positive social and environmental impacts. Both Fairphone and Honest Mobile are proud B Corps – in fact, Fairphone was the first B Corp certified company in the Netherlands.

Systemic change can feel like an uphill battle, and making the world of electronics and smartphones fairer needs teamwork and collaboration. Being part of the B Corp community, with other motivated and like-minded businesses, makes it easier to take on such big challenges. After all, “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” (Helen Keller).

I guess that this is the company touted above:

I assume they are serving the UK only?

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It’s breaking my heart to read info about offsetting. There’s no gain without pain just shifting the blame.

The average human requires 1.2Kw a day when resting
The earth receives approx 1Kw per metre for an average of 4hrs in the UK so enough for three people.

But those three people in Plymouth UK use the equivalent of not 1 sq metre per day but 400 sq metres per day.

Offsetting/planet saving is a sick advertisement. Every advancement in animal comfort has an increase in consumption as is addictive.

Our ability to think in terms of humaneness is not the same as humanities advancement to use the environment in ever increasingly ingenious ways.

The spirit that wants to be humane does not relate to the actual material ways we as animals try to express this. Sustainability is an internal affair and cannot be expressed externally for that requires more energy and consumption which can never be humane.

We use the word ethics to express the business like relationship we have with others humans, and to some degree other animals and the environment we increasingly exploit and become more depended upon. So we switch from trees to coal, to uranium to whatever is easier to crop and sell.

How I love this planet but how sad it is that it has to support me.

Honestly mobile ~ trying to get away from it all and set in stone.

MasMovil the second?

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