The volume keeps changing

So this is a bizarre issue that I haven’t been able to find anyone on any android forums having. Whenever I play audio (I use google play, youtube, and pandora the most) my phone likes to fluctuate between the volume I have it set as and then unpredictably lowers the volume (it’s always relative to the volume I have it set at) and goes back and forth like that. A reboot helps for a little bit (only a few minutes generally) and then goes back to doing that. If I haven’t rebooted for a while it’ll start randomly pausing the audio/video too. This happens when I play out of the speaker and when I use headphones. I have not had an opportunity to test if this happens on Bluetooth.

I just reset my phone to try to address the problem (I used the reset option from settings, not flashing from my computer. I don’t know if that makes a difference). I think I did have a virus of some kind before I reset it. Along with this issue, my phone started randomly playing short sounds very loudly, almost like a ringtone. At around the same time, my microphone stopped working, my phone got very hot even when on standby, and my battery life went down. Resetting the phone fixed the sound issue for a day, so far the battery seems back to normal as does the over heating issue, however the mic issue has persisted and I have ordered a new bottom module (I live in the USA and the third party I bought from says it will be a few weeks before it arrives) When I reset the phone I did automatically have Google play store download all of the apps I had on my phone before I reset it.

I’d appreciate any help/insight anyone has on this topic!

EDIT: It does happen with bluetooth

Do you see the volume ruler on the screen when the volume changes?
In that case I’d guess it’s a stuck volume button. Try without the cover - if it stops happening it was the cover’s fault.

If not I’m guessing it’s a software issue.
It could be an app causing this. I know some apps have the feature to automatically lower the general volume if the music gets louder.
There are also apps that change the volume based on your speed - helpful for driving in a car: when you drive faster and the car gets louder the volume increases. If you have location services on, but they are not accurate where you are then jumps on the map could be interpreted as driving fast…
If it’s a general software issue not caused by a specific app you’ll have to do a deeper reset than the one in the settings. Try to go to #dic:customrecovery and clear the system cache and if that doesn’t help perform a backup and then a #dic:hardreset.


Haha no the ruler doesn’t come up. I made sure to check that it wasn’t changing.
Yeah, I thought about maybe I have an app that has some kind of silent notification that caused the bug but the lengths of time when it lowers vary too much for that.
I just tested by turning off my location and it still happened. Good idea though, :confused:
Yeah, I think you are right about needing a full reset. So weird!

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