The Phones Show review of the FP3

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I couldn’t find the reviews subforum… or maybe it doesn’t exist?

Some of you might already by familiar with The Phones Show from Steve Litchfield, who you might recognise from allaboutsymbian.com or allaboutwindowsphone.com. He’s reviewed the FP3, it’s a fairly thorough review, I don’t think he’s quite got everything right but mostly it’s good: The Phones Show - 386 - Fairphone 3 review

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I enjoyed how his requests for a FP4 bore no resemblance to his complaints to usability

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Didn’t they? I thought they did, although there were some complaints he didn’t specifically address in his FP4 requests. There is more/different detail in his quick written review: http://allaboutwindowsphone.com/features/item/23763_How_to_replace_the_Lumia_950_a.php.

But, it makes me think… what are FP’s plans for this year? Might we see something which addresses some of Steve’s requests, e.g. a FP3 Pro, basically the same phone with a higher spec chipset and camera?

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Rather enjoyed that review, quite earnest and focused on the stuff that matters. I feel like it’s more difficult than ever to get reliable reviews of electronics, and while I won’t be in the market for a smartphone for the next decade or so, this guy’s page makes for a good recommendation to people who are.


From what I remember of the video, I didn’t think the FP4 covered his complaints.

I don’t think the day-to-day is really affected by the chipset or the camera.
I thought his reasoning wasn’t great on the chipset, that you “know” games and apps take longer to install I don’t believe to be that impactful on day-to-day working of the phone.
I am of the opinion that view comes from a person who regularly reviews phones and will review the latest and most powerful ones.

In my experience, the more powerful the chipset the worse the battery life is. One of the, if not the top, benefits of the phone is its crazy battery-life, that’d be severely impacted with the latest super SoC.

The camera not having OIS is a downside but, to his own admission, using a GCam port (he didn’t say what one) almost solves it.

I thought the review was really good overall. I take his points though; a stereo and amoled phone would be great, especially with OIS. Give it a few years and we’ll see where FP are with a Pro, Lite or 4 :slight_smile:


There’s a list of reviews (a wiki); though I guess it is no longer maintained, since most reviews were published in context with the press conference and the release of the FP3:


Thanks @BertG :slight_smile:

@athair_birb I agree that his arguments against the SoC were a bit subjective, most people won’t notice the difference. However it’s not true that more powerful processors always use more energy; the design of the processor, it’s power management and also the manufacturing process it’s made with (e.g. 7nm scale) have a much bigger impact.

Oooh, a Lite Fairphone is an interesting thought :slight_smile: although I’m not sure it would cost much less than the standard FP3. So long as it wasn’t Lite on the ethical credentials it would still be fine though.

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