The phone works normally then black screen

Hello there,

It’s been a few months my phone is having a big issue : everything is fine for the first hour or so after switching it on, then everything stops… black screen. At that point it is impossible to switch it on again.

I’ve bought a new battery, thinking that would fix the problem. It didn’t.

I have no clue what’s going on… It’s like the phone is overheating, then only a few days later I can switch it on again, and after on hour, bam the same problem.

Do you have any advice to give ? I’m seriously thinking buying a second hand phone.


  1. Check the #blackscreenguide
  2. Start without any module
  3. Start in #dic:safemode
  4. Do a #dic:factorydatareset
  5. Try a fresh reinstall as explained here: :gb: :de: :pencil2: Installing the Fairphone 2 from scratch in case of failure / Komplette Neuinstallation des Fairphone 2 im Fehlerfall
  6. Contact a #fairphoneangel that might be able to help you
  7. Contact FP support


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Thank you for your reply !
The #blackscreenguide is not relevent to my issue here.
Removing all the modules didn’t helped my phone to start. Safemode either.
Because my phone starts only every week (or so), I cannot try the factory reset nor the fresh install.
I’m going to contact the FP support.

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I didn’t know that was possible. So there are still some hope !

Beware, if your phone isn’t under guarantee anymore, it may be costly.

There is no #fairphoneangel in your vicinity that could help you?

I’ve just send a message to my angel. Let’s see where it goes

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