The oldest Fairphone in the world _ Unix Bug?

I have trouble with my network operator “Orange France”… they are anable to put 3 G or 4 G. just get the Edhe. They asked me to restaure Usine configuration… and now my fairpone is 46 year’s old.
I am very sad… I have no network and I am old !
I recived my Fairphone early january… working perfecly with others operators but not Orange…
How can I make my fairphone younger ? thanks

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This happens when you don’t have internet connection during the setup of the phone and don’t manually set time and date. The phone is set to 1970 and when you get internet connection the date is corrected but the widget doesn’t know these 46 years were actually just a few seconds.

I’m afraid the only way to “make your phone younger” again is by first fixing your connection issues (have you checked your #apn settings?) and then reset your phone again.


Thank you for your answer. i’ll restaure again and again my phone until it get younger as soon as I get a network. I have found my answer with the APN hashtag… it’s about another network. I am still looking for cellular settings for Orange F which is supposed to be the most important network in France, so i hope I will find an answer soon. If I listen to Orange technical support I am supposed to send back my fairphone to you guys …

Thank you for your help. I found the real apn settings thanks to anoter user. I updated the discussion on different forums. Since then I reseted my phone and it’s brand new again !

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