The ocean cleanup project

Another great crowdfunding idead from the netherlands :smile:
The ocean cleanup project wants to build platforms to fish out plastic floating in the ocean. Their idea sees to work so far, as a feasability report showed, but in order to build up their first large scale platform, they need 2 Mio Dollars, of which 1.4 have been funded so far with only 29 days left.
Here is a youtube video describing their idea

What do you think of their idea?


It makes proud to be Dutch.

@madde, this looks really interesting. Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

I didn’t know about this before, looks very interesting. Definitely gonna check this out! Thank you @madde!

Cautiously optimistic here. I’m still sceptical about whether or not this is technically going to work, despite their feasibility report (which they wrote themselves. They would be the last people on earth to conclude that it wouldn’t work).

The argument that this project is bad because it makes people think they can just keep throwing their plastics away like that is nonsense IMO. Besides, even if no more plastic ends up in the ocean, you still got all the waste that’s already in there to deal with.

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Although I like the idea of crowdsourcing, I honestly believe, that in this case it would be much more efficient and fair to seek the funding from large plastic-producing companies. But then again I like the idea of the project very much and I think it would be quite important to fund it in order to really see if the project can live up to it’s expectations.

As we are the consumers of the plastic I feel we have a responsibility to.
In my opinion when the project has proven workable, then it’s time to seek funding from large plastic-producing companies.

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Haven’t even thought about this possibility, but it does make sense. Plus, it would also gather those companies a good deal of positive publicity to support a project like this. (I doubt a large company would support it without gaining something in return)
However, personally, I think the responsibility of cleaning up does not just lie with those companies. While I don’t have proof I would guess it mostly is the end user that is disposing of his/her waste by simply throwing it into the water. So a funding split of both public and plastic-producing companies would seem a pretty good (fair) idea to me.

Guess @Lidwien was faster than me and able to express the same sentiment with fewer words :smiley:

A couple of days before the end of the crowd funding, the ocean project reached it’s target of 2 000 000 $ and is therefore funded.


ecover is making and selling bottles right now from ocean plastic: (dutch only !)


The Ocean Cleanup Project people are now sitting in the same building as I work at :smile:


You can follow the progress of System001 on this page: