The new Fairbuds are getting excellent reviews

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It’s been almost a month since we released our new Fairbuds to the world. With replaceable batteries in the earbuds and the charging case and a design that’s built to last, the Fairbuds are a modular marvel that’s all about that premium sound. It’s no wonder that, within days of its release, iFixit gave the sleek earbuds a perfect 10/10 score on their teardown, making it the first ever wireless earbuds to get one.

It’s not just iFixit. Almost every major media outlet that we shared the Fairbuds with have come back with glowing reviews, commending our latest Fairphone device on its swappable batteries, repairable design, rich sound, and vast array of features that include noise cancellation, multipoint connectivity and IP54 sweat and dust resistance. The Fairbuds are the perfect example of an excellent tech product on a mission that everyone can get behind.


“The new Fairbuds aren’t the first time Fairphone has dabbled in earbuds — but they’re far more repairable than its previous iteration. In 2021, Fairphone launched the Fairbuds True Wireless Stereo Earbuds, which were made with recycled plastic. However, you could only replace certain components of the Fairbuds TWS buds, not including the battery.”


“Practically all the best earbuds you can buy right now are disposable. If you face any hardware issues with the earbuds or the case, your only recourse is to get a replacement. Earbuds are practically impossible to repair, and the design and economic decisions made on them mean it is easier to throw broken ones out and buy new ones. Fairphone, known for its ethical take on smartphones, is now changing this perception by launching the seemingly impossible Fairbuds, earbuds that are repairable and meant to last.”


“Just because the Fairbuds have replaceable batteries doesn’t mean the brand skimped on other features — you get six mics for environmental noise cancelation during calls, ANC for listening sessions, dual-device pairing, and IP54 sweat and dust resistance, all backed by a three-year warranty (two years standard plus one year optional extra) in a market where one-year warranties are the norm.”


“True wireless earbuds are flimsy, easily lost and prone to battery failure. Given their size and cost, companies would rather you throw them out when they succumb to the inevitable. Fairphone, however, has built a pair of buds with easily replaceable batteries, as well as a swappable cell in the charging case. And, look, if the engineers working at this tiny Dutch company can work this out, then the army of designers in Apple and Samsung’s steel-and-glass cathedrals have no excuse.”

The Fairbuds are now available in our web shop for €149, plus shipping costs.

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