The native camera app seems to be having a lot of bugs

Hello all,

It seems to me that the phone´s native camera app has been having a lot of issues lately. I list some that I´ve seen in my phone. Let me know if you have similar issues or is it just my phone. I have a FP3+.

  • Slow-motion video hasn´t been available since the last system update. (I know already that this is a wider issue.)
  • Often if you use the camera fequently, opening it, shooting, closing it again and opening again after a moment, it gets some how jammed. For example quick opening function of the camera stops working. Douple clicking the power switch starts to open the camera as it should, but after a few seconds you just get a black sreen with a lock symbol at the top of the screen. The same thing happens when you try to open the camera by sliding from the bottom right corner of the screen. To open the camera you have to put the screen lock code, go to the camera app and open it from there. As I said, this issue seems to appear especially when you are using the camera for a while, taking lots of pictures and locking/opening the screen frequently. It doesn´t seem to happen, if you just do it once.
  • If you put your camera to the pro-mode and choose to shoot raw-format, the camera seems to think that the raw-format that FP uses is a video file and gives you an announcement that the video cannot be played. This happens if you try to have a look at the photo straight away from the camera´s bottom left corner, where the photos go to. You can however open raw format photos later from the photos app.
  • Every now and then, if you have been shooting raw in pro mode, and you re-open the camera app, it shows that you have the pro mode on at the bottom of the screen, but at the top of the screen everyting looks as if you have the normal photo mode on. Also, if you take a shot in this mode, it shoots regular jpegs.

There you go. A few issues I have come across with and these happen over and over again, so not just a one time thing. Anyone else having similar issues? People talk here about “making a ticket”. Where does one make an official ticket to fairphone developers about such issues?


  • To make a ticket go to the Fairphone main site . . . will update with a link if you can’t find it :slight_smile:

  • Slow-mo seems not to be working at certain resolutions

  • Jamming maybe down to you have a setting like HDR which takes time to process and some of that is done on the camera chip so there will be a delay. There are other reasons for delay but that is the main one.

No view on the raw option as I don’t use it.

Use this form to submit a request to Fairphone, you should then receive an email acknowledging your request for support which will include a ticket number.

For ‘common’ issues you may not get much of a further response as they may be working on it, as I’m sure they are in this case, but it may prioritise to some degree if there are multiple users that request help.


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