The Mobile Data on my phone won't work (Talkmobile SIM)

My old phone can access the internet via mobile data when I put my SIM back in, however, it can’t access the internet when it’s in my Fairphone, it has just arrived today and I’m wondering how this can be fixed or if it’ll clear up on its own.

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Where are you living and Whois your provider? Did you check the APN settings on your new phone?

P.S.: Is it Talkmobile UK?

Yes it is Talkmobile UK, and I went to Vodafone and they attempted to add the Talkmobile APN settings but this phone won’t let me switch. The following screenshot is what I see, what APN settings did you add? (If you’re a Talkmobile user)

Sorry to ask a basic question, but are you sure that mobile data is turned on? Go either to Quick Settings (swipe down from top of screen) or to Settings > Network and Internet > Internet > Talkmobile cogged wheel > Mobile data (toggle ON).

Since Talkmobile is a MVNO using Vodaphone network, and actually a subsidiary, I would expect the APN to use Vodaphone settings anyway.

It’s possible that the network operator hasn’t yet added the FP5 to their list of valid devices. It doesn’t yet appear in the list of FPs on their “device help” page.