The loading time of my fairphone is very very long

Since last week my fairphone is very difficult to reload. It happened suddenly. I changed the battery last year. I don’t understand what’s the problem. May someone help me ? Thanks a lot

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We’ll assume a Fairphone 4 (from your profile)?

You could try whether different chargers or different cables might help.
You could also try to carefully remove dirt or lint from inside the port using air or a pick of some sort (but no metal!).
Perhaps you happen to have fairphoneangels in the vicinity (see angelsmap) you could ask whether they would be prepared to take a look?

If the slow charging endangers the battery charging level (don’t let it run to 0%, if it can be avoided), perhaps use the time you still have to look for a fitting external smartphone battery charger. Here’s some inspiration … External universal chargers for Fairphone batteries.
With such an external charger it is also easier to continue to use the phone while looking for a solution to the charging problem.



Thank you for your reply.

I already tried two different chargers and its the same result.

I’ll try to remove dirt. And thanks for the fairphoneangels map, I’ve found a french angel not very close to my home but in french language it’ll be more easier for me. And i’ll have a look for an external universal charger for fair phone batteries too.

Have a nice day



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