The impossible order

I´ve been trying to order some spare Parts of my Fairphone 2 (a battery, a screen and a case) and it´s like an imposible mission. In the last step, when I introduce my credit card information the process stopped and it says to me that the order is “Your payment was unsuccessful. Please try again or choose another payment method”.

I’ve tried to transfer the money directly with that option and I have the same problem so at that point I don’t know how to make that order. Could you help me, please (I need a new screen soon :slight_smile:

David Herrera

Just to be sure: This is a community forum, not the company.

If you need to contact support, #contactsupport has all the info.
And if Fairphone’s own shop might not work for you, there are #resellers selling the parts, too, some of them ship internationally.


Thanks for yuor time

Where are you from? I believe you get a similar error when you try to order from a country FP doesn’t ship to.

I´m from Spain, I tried with other credit card (of a friend) and I have been succesfull.


That’s good to hear.
Perhaps you could drop Fairphone Support a note about which issuer (your bank) with which network (VISA/AMEX/…) issued the credit card that didn’t work, so they can look into whether they have an erroneous process in the shop.


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