The impact of the OS on the battery lifetime

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I read somewhere on the forum that the impact of the OpenOS on the battery lifetime was bad. Hence that same person switched to LOS in order to improve it.

What do you think ? On this specific aspect, which OS you recommend ?

Well, there are OS’s that are steadily connected to cloud services, and LineageOS exchanges almost no data (e.g. with Google) by itself unless updates, additional apps, and services are installed…

I’m aware of that. My OpenOS is connected to the less online services possible.
I was just wondering if an OS had particularly a great impact on the battery.

I think it depends very much on how an OS is configured, so one cannot say this or that OS costs more or less battery. I use LineageOS on my FP2 without an tweaks, no cloud services, just straight forward. On weekends I prefer to use my notebook, so my FP2 battery lasts about two days, because I almost do not use the phone. (I have WLAN at home, which demands less power than mobile data.) The display needs a LOT of power, but that is OS independent, of course…


Higher android versions are also more efficient. So perhaps that person went from Open OS (A7) to LOS (A9 to 10 perhaps), or something similar, and therefore battery life was slightly better.
For me I did notice a slight difference between Open OS and LOS, that means typically with data connection on my FP2 will lose 2 to 5% overnight under LOS, whereas it would lose 5 to 10% with Open OS, but I went from A7 to A10 and had some hardware induced draining problems, so my estimates are perhaps false.

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It’s really hard to say how much impact the OS has on the battery lifetime but I tend to say that newer Android versions are not more efficient (or it is eaten up by something else again). For me the overnight drain (with mobile network on but no data connection) differs extremely from day to day without obvious reason. The mobile reception at my home is not perfect though.
Maybe nowadays it is already a success that the phone’s battery survives almost as long as it did in the very beginning with older versions of all software running on the phone (OS but also apps). And of course the battery gets weaker over time, too. When does it make sense to exchange the battery for a new one? I did that once already after 2.5 years and I had the impression that the difference was not too big either.
So having gone from the original FPOS with Android 5 to 6 and 7, then Lineage 17.1 and now 18.1 with Android 10 and 11 respectively the difference was never really big for my use cases. The biggest impact comes from what I do with the phone (or not) and if you want to save energy then you better leave the screen turned off…


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