The Impact of Carbon Taxes: Perspectives from Taiwan and Europe, and Considerations for Eco-Friendly Phones

I’m currently in Taiwan, and although the government plans to introduce carbon taxes for businesses in 2024, the concept of carbon taxes is still quite new here. :interrobang:

I understand that some people believe carbon taxes could pose challenges for businesses not focused on environmental protection. :thinking:

However, I’m curious about the situation in Europe. Does carbon taxation significantly impact businesses there? Have people noticed any clear effects? :thinking:

Additionally, for eco-friendly phones like FairPhone, do they receive any tax advantages to boost their competitiveness? :grin:

Thank you :heart:


I think carbon taxes are an important tool in the carbon reduction process.
Still, the carbon reduction idea behind FP is AFAIK that you keep the phone for longer and rather not in the production process itself. So I think carbon taxes won’t influence this business too much. The influence is IMO much higher on energy intense production processes like steel, aluminium industry etc.


So, isn’t this unfair to FairPhone? :neutral_face:

FairPhone should be in carbon taxes to gain a greater advantage. :muscle:

There is a game called Carbon Island that allows everyone to experience what carbon taxes are. :wink:

Hopefully, FairPhone can ultimately emerge victorious. :star2:

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