The Future of Wiki Posts in the Forum (pre-Poll Discussion)

I’m currently looking into ways to improve the whole Wiki experience in the forum and gathering ideas on how to manage wiki posts. Please tell me your ideas I will add them to the list and maybe make a poll with all options afterwards.


  • Leave it like it is, just add [Wiki] to all Wiki topic titles. (This way Wiki posts that are not separate topics like this one, can’t be so easily found with the search function.)

  • Leave it like it is, just add a topic providing a list of all Wiki posts.

  • There should be one topic composed similiarly to the Dictionary with all Wiki Posts moved there. (Wiki posts that are their own (closed) topics without a discussion can easily be moved; for those that are embedded in a discussion I’d suggest to copy them into the new topic, make the original post a normal non-wiki post again and provide a link to the new wiki-post.)
    You could then easily find all posts in the “Fairphone Wiki” by ticking the “Search this topic” option. Also we could make this topic (globally) pinned for easy access.

  • Make a category for all Wiki posts. So if someone posts something he thinks should be a Wiki post, just post it in the “Wiki” category and if the Moderators agree they’ll wikify it.


Btw, I’m “secretly” rooting for option 3 and I allready started working on that a bit, starting with the basic structure. Currently only Regulars can see it as I posted it in the Lounge Category, but that can easily be changed if you guys are interested.

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You’re doing an excellent job (yes I’m one of the “Regular” users so I can see @paulakreuzer’s wiki thread, thank you!)
I would suggest also a “Wiki” section in which (if possible) all the posts will be automatically “wikified” and collected like you’re manually doing (I think it’s a very hard job!)
Bye :smile:

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Very quick-and-dirty idea: Option 3 sounds good, but would it be probably worth to create a Disquss ‘Category’ for Wiki posts, so people could more easily just browse the wikis?


@humorkritik Good idea, I added it.
@DjDas I guess you meant about the same, right? (section // category)
I don’t know if a category can be set to automaticly make all posts wikis, but still you’re right, that will probably make it alot easier.

Yes, I meant category, sorry for the word misuse! :smile:

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