The flash on my Fairphone 3+ camera keeps switching on even if it's turned off in the settings

I have a Fairphone 3+ with the newest version of Android 13 installed on it. The flash on my camera is completely turned off in the settings, but when I want to take a photo in the darkness the flash just switches on anyway.
I live in Sweden and yesterday evening I wanted to take some pictures of aurora (northern lights). It was completely impossible because the flash kept switching on.
It doesn’t matter if I have the HDR on, off or on automatic. It happens in both the Photo mode and the Pro mode. Only in the Portrait mode is the flash turned off. It has been like that for a year and it’s annoying.
Does anyone else have the same problem? Or have I missed anything?

Not sure whether this information still relevant in your situation.


Yes, this helped and it was so easy to solve. :slight_smile: Thank you so much!

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