The fairphone star-logo

If you look at the animation you’ll see that the logo can be seen very well from nearly every angle.

Of course the word alone won’t tell anyone what the Fairphone is all about, but if they are interested in “fairness” then they will want to find out. Seeing some phone with some logo on it will only wake the interest of people interested in phones. :wink:

Actually we hit the topic of a new Fairphone logo in late March, when @Chris_R and I were invited to the opening of Fairphone’s new Amsterdam office. When I returned home, I even created a forum thread, but made it invisible shortly later because @Chris_R made me aware that a lot of people would have thought that it was official, which it wasn’t.


@Ruth_FP1 Yesterday a friend of mine, who is a graphics designer, said she liked the Fairphone star on the back of my FP1 and when I told her that they abandoned the star, she was quite disappointed… :frowning:

(It seems that also from a professional point of view, the star should have been kept.)


I am still hoping that some Fairphone officials will drop by and comment :sunglasses:

no matter how cool and modern and whatever the new Fairphone ,logo’ is (and if it is just the written long name it’s not so much of a logo in a way is it) - a small picto-logo is more distinct. Why not have both?
When you see someone telephoning and you only see the back of the mobile, you won’t even see the new FP-logo, because it is covered by the hand.


Your “Fairphone official” is here @Ruth_FP1 :sunglasses:

It’s interesting to read everyone’s comments and opinions. I’m surprised this discussion hasn’t happened sooner! The new logo was launched around June without much attention, which I took as a good sign - people were generally OK with it or the new logo was so subtly new that people may not have even noticed. But I can understand people’s personal opinions that they miss the star because they have fond feelings for it or other reasons stated above.

But to speak to Ruth’s point (and some others) - you want the product to have

  1. a distinct quality that lets people know it’s immediately a Fairphone
  2. if you have never heard of Fairphone, the product should have something characteristic in its product or logo design that represents what Fairphone does

I believe these two aspects were considered with the visual identity and branding of the Fairphone. But let’s remember, a company’s (visual) identity is always changing. In particular, a startup that is growing as quickly as we are has to stay flexible. And an identity or brand is not just a logo. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future to let the brand and story show through.

But for now, sorry to disappoint some of you, the logo is going to stay as it is. No star. (except for the occasional social media star avatars, or old logo on the mobile forum version ;)) Thanks for the discussion!


[quote=“joe, post:22, topic:9979, full:true”]
Your “Fairphone official” is here @Ruth_FP1 :sunglasses:[/quote]
Thanks for dropping by!

:cry: :disappointed_relieved: :worried: :sob: :disappointed:

Thanks for the suggestion, I just uploaded a starry profile pic :sunglasses:

Or it was launched in secret :wink:
Was it announced in any way? I probably missed that. Also I missed any “we are thinking of changing the logo” posts beforehand. You know how it is, the mind adds things. If you see Farphone most probably you will read it as Fairphone. So indeed I for one never noticed on the Forum that there was a new logo w/o star. The writing is not really so much different from the old lettering. And also I see the Fairphone star far more often than I see see new logo without it, as I use my FP1 a lot. And there I see the star on both sides.

[quote=“joe, post:22, topic:9979, full:true”]But to speak to Ruth’s point (and some others) - you want the product to have

  1. a distinct quality that lets people know it’s immediately a Fairphone [/quote]
    Yes, the recognition value (for those who know it already). When the FP1 is lying on a table the star is very distinct (much more so than the lettering on the FP2 from the photo), and when someone is using it / phoning, then the lettering of FP1 and FP2 is covered with the hand, but the star of FP1 is always visible.
    So we can maybe agree to call it a missed opportunity to have the lettering AND an icon logo.

:no_mouth: :cry: :worried:

:sob: :sob: :cry: :sob: :broken_heart:


No, I’d rather say it’s the metal back cover, which is distinctive, as well as the white rim (which is turning yellowish as I just saw).

I meant of course: when it’s lying on its back.
And indeed, the white rim is distinct as well (but is it really only FP with that? I thought i’d recently seen another phone with it).
My FP’s rim is still very white, are you possibly a smoker? :wink:

Since the FP1 is not an original design by fairphone there at least one other phone that has this: the original chinese phone.

No, beware, I’m not!!! :slight_smile: I was in the train and I think the light was kinda yellow… Now at home the rim is perfectly white again! :slight_smile:

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"The Fairphone, fair and self-cleaning. Order yours now."

(after we get the star back we’ll tackle the slogans 8-))


Oh here’s a lot of talk about the issue I’ve personally had with Fairphone from the very beginning I became familiar with it. I’m with many who have posted here (that’s why I’m no going to quote anyone) but I’d like to chip in my statement too. Actually my first time posting in here so Hello everyone! :smile:

I think also that the Fairphone logo is not good - with or without the star, with or without the text - (no offense to anyone). When I became familiar with the FP project and phone I’ve liked pretty much everything but the logo which has bothered me all the time. In my opinion, like someone(s) before stated, the star was irrelevant and far too common symbol (not to speak about the legal issues). And the simple “indiana jones” font is just boring and not unique.

I study industrial design and as far as I know a good logo should be distinct and unique (like stated before). But it should also tell a story. The story (nature, values etc) of the product/company/or what ever it’s representing. And with Fairphone, what a story there is to tell! So why not to bring it forth starting with the logo. So that people would connect it straight away to Fairphone and not only the phone but also the whole movement and the values behind.

I would absolutely support a competition to create and choose a new logo (in that case that the team don’t want to make a new one). I truly think it would benefit everyone! Just sad to hear it’s too late. :pensive: How about to start it with the 3D-printable cases?


Welcome to the forum, @Shaloah! :slight_smile: Would be great if you’d introduce yourself here. :wink:

[quote=“Ruth_FP1, post:14, topic:9979, full:true”]
Actually, is there still time?
How about a logo-competition?
I am sure there are many creatives / design students willing to participate, even without prize money (or give the winner a FP2 ) [/quote]

Thank you!
My arguments for the star are basically for an additional visual logo / icon of any kind that is not just the name in arbitrary lettering.
And I think it is also a shame that the change of logo was performed really quietly without any (?) discussion or chance to make suggestions (like the logo competition).

@anon90052001 you say it has been decided and it is too late to change the ,lettering logo’ to something else. Really? Even for backcover etc?

It is a bit out of Fairphone’s usual style to say “no discussion, too late, we have decided” and not find out about users’ views earlier on (but maybe you did a survey and I just missed it).

@anon90052001 Just out of curiosity: how did the new logo come about? Did you have different ones to choose from? Was it a unanimous / strong majority decision in favour of it?

You haven’t convinced me on that one. :wink:
As we say in German: da ist noch Luft nach oben (there is still room for improvement)


No old Logo on the mobile forum page anymore… :confused:

Finally :stuck_out_tongue:
But the new logo is a bit small…

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Not distinctive or modern enough? I might agree.

Not communicating the ethics? Are the words “fair” and “phone” not a clear enough message of what the company’s goal is, hence what their ethics are?

Granted, Fairphone’s ethics are not just fairness, but also longevity and ecological sustainability.

But to be honest, the star (which looks very similar to the star of another company in the business) confused me as well when I got in contact with Fairphone for the first time.

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I still like the old star-logo (living in the Netherlands :nl:, so no confusion here).

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No confusion here in Austria either. We use this logo for our Twitter account: