📚 The Fairphone Forum Dictionary (FAQ)

The Fairphone Forum Dictionary

What is this dictionary?

The Fairphone Forum Dictionary is a series of #wiki topics that explain certain words that often come up during discussions.
The purpose of the dictionary is having a simple and fast way to link to explanations of these words, so you don’t have to explain them every time, but you can still make sure you are understood.

Where can I find the dictionary entries?

You can find all the entries under the #dic or #dictionary tags. They are also all in the #help:guides category along with many other wikis.

How can I link to a dictionary entry?

When you use a word from the dictionary simply write a # before the word (without dic:) and wait for a popup of suggestions to appear. If you e.g. write #root you’ll get the suggestions #root and #dic:root. Always use the suggestion that has the “dic:”-part to link to the dictionary entry.

How can I create a new dictionary entry?

Just create a new topic in the #help:guides category and contact the moderators (e.g. by flagging the post as “other”) to make all necessary edits (make wiki, close topic add unique #dic: tag).
On the bottom of this post you’ll find a template you can/should use.

How can I suggest a new dictionary entry?

Simply edit this post (it’s a wiki) and add your suggestion in the next paragraph.

What words still need a dictionary entry explaining them?

  • add your suggestion for an additional dictionary entry here

How can I improve an existing dictionary entry?

All dictionary posts are wikis so everybody (except for new users) can edit them. At the bottom right corner of these posts you’ll find a pencil symbol and “Edit” caption. You can select that to edit the post.

Template for new dictionary entries.

Simply copy the text in the gray box below and copy it in a new post to have the correct formatting.

Entry Title

### What is ___?


### How can I ___?


### Another paragraph