The process has stopped

Since this morning, without manipulation or particular update , I can no longer receive calls !!
I can make calls, but when someone is calling me it shows " the process has stopped ."
I 'm init , and nothing works
What should do ?? please help me. thank you.
thibich, reunion island.

Perhaps this will work.
Clear Cache and Data of the Phone App
Go to ‘System settings’. (button far left below on your phone)
Then, select ‘Manage apps’.
In the ‘All’ tab all the apps of your device will be displayed in a column.
Scroll down until you see 'Phone’
Tap it, followed by selecting the “Clear Cache” option.
Reboot your phone for the changes to take effect.
If the problem persists, repeat the steps and include “Clear Data” in your actions.
Reboot your phone for the changes to take effect.


Hello, I tried to follow your instructions but it did not work … so I reset to factory.
Thank you for your help .
Kind regards .

Off topic, but I must say it is fascinating to read that there are Fairphone users (well, at least one) in (on) Réunion!

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Yes, fairphone represents!!:slight_smile: