The choppy instagram video upload problem

Hi Fairphone users and staff!

I have an issue that has been bothering me for some time now:
when I upload a video to instagram it comes out choppy, by that I mean it looks like there are frames missing. like if you take a 30fps (frames per seconds) video and edit it down to, say 20fps. looks a bit like the old black & whites. the video is fine while looking at it on my phone, it is something that happens when I upload.

the story- videos are worse than the videos I post in my feed.

I have posted videos that I have filmed with my fairphone and posted videos shot with a canon, edited on a computer and sent to my fairphone and the results are basically the same.

It is not a 100% consistent, when looking thru my posts in my feed I can see that some uploads come out the same as the original and some are messed up. the story- videos are on the other hand all choppy. My guess is that there’s a lower size-limit on storys that causes frames to drop out in the compression. however : that does not explain how others can have silky smooth videos on there.

the clear cache can be a factor, I haven’t troubleshot that yet.

I have not had the same issue with youtube- videos or instagram TV so there is a possibility that it’s an instagram vs fairphone thing.

I joined a topic about this last year and found I was not alone. that topic is now closed and there was no solution at the end. I’m reaching out to anyone who share this issue in the hopes of getting more information and if this is a common thing: the attention of fairphone tech staff to help resolve this.

I’ve been working as a filmer/photographer on a semi-pro level for some time and would say that I have above average knowledge on that technology but I can’t get my head around what could be causing this.

so please… please help me. not only for my phone, but also for my curiousity :slight_smile:

best regards / Al

Which OS are you using (Fairphone OS/ Fairphone Open OS/ LineageOS) and which version or build are you on?

It is unlikely that you will get the attention of Fairphone tech staff here in the community forum, that’s what the bugtracker is for …

I’m not using Instagram, so I can’t say anything about the issue itself.

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For what it’s worth, I was having drinks with some people yesterday, one of whom I found out owns a Fairphone, and remembering this thread, I asked her if she uses Instagram. She does, and the videos upload just fine for her. So there’s a data point at least.

To try it out myself, I installed Instagram on my FP2 (whilst wielding a cross and garlic), but right after making my account it told me I’d violated their terms and services, and to appeal that decision I had to fill in a long form that demanded lots of personal information. A quick uninstall for me, thanks. Sorry I can’t be of any further help.


Hi! Thank you for the reply. I’m on Android version 7.1.2, Fairphone 19.05.3. I apologise in advance in case I’m not making sense mentioning both - I honestly don’t know what is what. :slight_smile:

I did not know about the bugtracker, I’m gonna go thru that right away.

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