The applications do not use sd card

Actually some applications (Chrome, Opera, and whatsapp) do not use the sd card for save the data. Other applications like the default browser use it. I have checked the option of default write disk with sd cards. Any idea?

That’s just how it is, I guess… even when an app is installed on your (external) SD card, it will always put part of the app data in the phone’s internal storage. And some apps can’t even be installed elsewhere. Most often this is a good thing, since the app will probably run faster, and there’s no risk that you should have removed your SD card and left it (and your apps) somewhere.

The FP’s 16GB internal storage (if you have the unified partition) should be big enough, so no need to choose SD card as your default write disk. If you have the first generation FP with 1GB internal storage and 13 GB Phone Storage, I suggest that you choose Phone Storage (not SD card) as default and that you seriously consider doing the repartitioning update

Another thing, of course, is data that you actively download via your browser, mail client or whatever. The app in question ought to offer you a choice where you want data saved. In the Opera browser, for instance, you open the ‘Downloads’ menu, tap the three squares top right, and set preferred download folder. In the K-9 mail client, it’s (Global) Settings > Miscellaneous > Save attachments to… And so on.

In some way i want to use the sd card for storage big and unimportant data of the applications (for example after two week using my fp i have in the internal storage 129 MB of whatsapp’s multimedia) because i think that if the device have more memory free the system will work better.

I suppose that other people will think that the sd are for important data that want to conserve if change the device or it crash, and i also agree to this.

I thought that the selecting the sd card as default write disk would make that all the non vital data of the applications went to the sd, but since only some applications do use it, probably is a decision of the application and not an error of FP

I agree with you that FP has enough memory and the applications work better in the internal memory, but since that in adroid 4.x is not posible move or install applications in the external sd (at least without external tools), i am going to continue using external sd as default storage. At least the pictures of the camera will be writed in the sd.

[quote=“Narkha, post:3, topic:1182”]
…after two week using my fp i have in the internal storage 129 MB of whatsapp’s multimedia…[/quote]

I guess that whatsapp builds up large cache files? In that case you can delete whatsapp’s cache manually now and then, and there are apps that clean the cache at scheduled intervals.

Maybe one will see a difference when 80-90 % of storage space have been used. But if you have, say, 50 % left I don’t think it matters at all. More important is that you have enough RAM. The Galaxy S4, for instance, sports 2GB RAM while the FP has 1GB. If you have a lot of apps constantly running, pushing, syncing, and updating, 1GB might be insufficient.

WhatsApp does not build cache files, simply downloads the images and the videos that people send in the chats, like the downloads of a browser.
Ok, i can delete the data of the programs when the memory of the phone is full, but why should i have to worry about that when i have an sd that could be used for store that data and not affect the performance of the device? That i could do so something manually do not implies that it could be done automatically.
And yes, more RAM is better, and also will be better a CPU four times better, 32 GB of memory, etc. But all this is not related with the present question.

Maybe this could be a solution?

The reason for having to worry is that you use whatsapp :wink: (no offence meanth). It’s not very impressing that an app is designed in sucha a way that it stores a lot of data on your phone without giving you any chance to choose storage or adjust storage settings from within the app. The fact that people develop apps to solve this indicates that there are quite a few worried, or irritated, users.

Is there a setting so the standard camera app will save photos to the SD card?
Also, can you configure firefox to downlad to the SD card?

I can’t seem to find those options.

I guess that some apps give you the offer while others don’t. I’ve looked for this option in the default camera app, but like dvds I haven’t been able to find it. In OpenCamera it can be done. Haven’t got Firefox installed, but the Dolphin browser allows you to choose storage (while the default browser and Opera don’t).

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