The apk is split use root method

…or privileged install method

Hi everybody !

How do I do to do that and install an app that shows this message above ?

Thanks for your help !

Is there a typo in the title? “plit” sounds a lot like it should be “split”.

How do you install the app? Google Play, Yalp, F-Droid or some other store? Or did you download the app directly from some web page?

I assume you want to install on a Fairphone 2 right? Which operating system are you running and which version?

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Thanks for answering !

Yes sorry about that ! Didn’t see the missing s ! “is split” is difficult to write right fast ! :smiley:

I have a fairphone 2 with fairphone openOS and I install via Yalp. Version 19.02.1.

Sorry, I should have given these informations, of course !

Thanks again


It seems the problem is with Yalp:

Seems like some people successfully used instead of Yalp.

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When using openOS you can use the root method. In yalp app just go to the settings and select “use root” as installation method (well, root must obviously first be enabled within openOS, if not yet done).

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AFAIK there’s an option on Yalp Store to disable downloading split APK and force to download full ones. That should fix the issue without blindly granting an administrative permission if you don’t fully understand what does that means.

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Ok ! Thanks guys ! It works with aurora store.

Thanks a lot !

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Do you know more details? Unfortunately I haven’t found that option. :worried:

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Nor did I.
To install split Apps without root, Aurora (available in F-Droid) will do (as said above). I read somewhere that Yalp is not being worked on any more.

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⋮ menu → Settings → Uncheck Delta updates. It says: “Full apk is downloaded every time”

Seems like latest change was 6 months ago. That alone doesn’t necessarily mean anything. But a quick look at the author’s profile reveals he’s been absent from all public coding for the same amount of time.

Well, I think “split APK” and “Delta updates” are not the same. And if I remember right delta updates had always been unchecked on my device device - but I still got the split APK message for some apps before changing to root update method.
Anyway, to be completely sure I’ll try it out again when next affected apk offers an update…

Oh, split APK are those APKs that depends in .obb files stored in <storage>/Android/obb/<packagename>/? Like games?

I didn’t think about them because those shouldn’t need root, just the storage permission.

I’m not sure if I understand right. It’s not the (to be installed) app that needs root but the yalp store app itself.
One of the examples creating the split ask messages is Google maps (com.navigation.offlinemaps.gps).
And it can’t be installed, even when “Delta updates” are un-ticked - and “full APK is downloaded everytime”.

Yes, I knew.

If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. I was just wondering why.

Seems like Google Maps depends on the app (Yalp tells you that), so I should inform myself about that.

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There is an app at f-droid, which can install split apks. You can have a look at For me it did a good job.

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