Thailand SIM Card for Data

This week, I’m going to Thailand, Cambodia, maybe Vietnam for a month or two. I know many places have free WiFi, but I’d like to be independent.

I need a SIM card to put into my FP2’s second SIM slot for data use only, like Whatsapp/Telegram, E-Mail, Tripadvisor,, “Here” Navigation App. I don’t plan on using high-data stuff like Skype, Youtube, Reddit or Spotify via SIM. So a GB or two included would be more than enough. I don’t plan on doing long phone calls inside the country. Just for emergencies.

I checked online but I am getting confused by the many offers Thai providers have on their websites. They have so many different offers!

I think I can just walk into a phone shop and get one, but I’d prefer to have some idea what to look for beforehand.

Dear fellow forumlings, do you have experience with Thai SIM cards and could give me a recommendation for one?

Hi @technorati,
First, you should check out this website: to find out about which operator suits your needs best concerning 2G/3G/4G availability etc.
Usually, it’s no problem to walk into a phone shop and buy a sim card of your choice. Prices are pretty low (at least, they were in 2014 :wink: ).
Unfortunately, I don’t remember which carrier I used back then but I was travelling with my FP1 anyway.
Enjoy your SEA trip! :smiley:

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Can you please post your experience here? I will do more or less the same trip in January. :sunglasses:

Hello and thanks for the responses. I went into a shop and said I need Sim card with lots of data. Got the truemove sim 4g+ Social+ card.
30 days unlimited data, THB 500

Experience in Bangkok:
Works, even in the underground metro.
Next stop: Chiang Mai

Seeing this, I hate being a resident customer in Switzerland. I pay nearly double as much every month and only get 3 Gigs of data and free Whatsapp with spotty reception (Sunrise TDC).

Bonus: With offers like these, no wonder they have to set up posters like this:

Pictures taken with the new FP2 cam v 2.0


After posting my last post, I was walking around Bangkok China Town. Took my phone out to take a picture. As I was pointing at the temple, Fairphone reboot. No biggie, happens all the time, I already resigned, I mean, gotten used to it. When it was done rebooting, I was greeted with lots of Thai writing. I realized it was the “fresh Install” screens. I went through them and lo and behold, my phone had really reset. Apps, Widgets, Settings, even the Wallpaper - all gone!

Took a couple of hours to get everything back to working order again.

Thanks for the Update!

For your reboot problem: Did you check the reboot guide?

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