TextNow+Fairphone 4 in the US

Hey everyone! I’m interested in getting a Fairphone, but I’m worried about service area issues and such with my current provider, AT&T. From what I’ve read, FP won’t work with most bands here, and I’m wondering if this is carrier-specific or simply based on the network frequency - I’m considering using TextNow for my phone service moving forward, which operates on T-Mobile’s network. Would my service in the US likely be good/reliable running an MVNO like Textnow on a Fairphone 4?

This solution seems attractive, since wifi-calling seems to be a given with TextNow as well, but I’m unsure if the non-main carrier option will help me in terms of regular text service. Thanks in advance for your help/ideas!

(Failing this, I might settle for a Teracube 2e with TextNow, but fingers crossed)

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