Text editor for Android

I have to say it. I use Android for writing long text. Now I’m searching a better Text editor

While travelling by Train and listen Music I have much time to write down some Ideas and other text. I need a good Text editor which is able to work with long text, do auto save my work. Allow several undos and could work correct with the Codepage in the Text-File.
The best found text editor for my at moment is the Texteditor from Ghost Commander

What Texteditor do you prefer?

I use a simple notepad app to write down my notes. It is ad-free and the handling is very simple. And you have copy & paste, as in every app.

Well, it does not meet your requirements: No undo, no save to file and you have to scroll if you created a long text.

I don’t know if it’s good, but DroidEdit ticks most of those boxes, at least judging by its description. The free version has ads though.

What about:

I don’t know ben. What could you tell me about these tools beside the description from google?

They support the markdown format to introduce some semantic formatting to your documents. both have undo functionality
iA Writer is a product by an international design firm that is popular on macOS and iOS. It’s a very opinionated tool with a well thought through design.

If you are used to write in vim, there’s Vim Touch, an android port.


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