Tethering: Upload cutting off at LTE / 4G when FTP or stream

4G / LTE works fine at FP3. But when I start with high speed uploading a File with FTP or Stream via USB Tethering, any App is blocking the whole uploading process. The PC Software notice “unknown error”.

When I take the 3G-Speed, everything is fine. I tested this with two different provider (Telekom/Aldi).

Which App is controlling the speed and want to “protect”, when the Upload-Speed is too high?

Hotlines of the provider say, that they don’t brake the upload. It must come from the smartphone

Konnte das Problem inzwischen lösen: Die automatischen APN Einstellungen waren falsch und führten zu dem Fehler. Habe im Internet auf einer Seite die richtigen Daten gefunden, eingestellt und dann lief es.

Edit by @alex21:
For non-german speakers: the solution is to reset the APNs.


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