Tethering FP for SMS?

Hello all,
I’m not sure my title is really clear: what I wish to do is preparing an SMS from an ordinary android tablet (without data connection), and sending it through the FP itself via its own SIM and connection…

I think I found apps that’d allow this from a PC or a macintosh, but I didn’t see yet the same for ‘just a tablet’…

Any ideas?


This isn’t a function I know anything about… but I suspect if you can’t find an android app that allows this then it’s probably not something you’re going to be able to do.

I doubt that FP would put the development time in to create anything for this either (that’s my view only of course :wink: )

I would just make a txt and send it over bluetooth.

Then open it, copy and paste.

It would be convenient if the default SMS app would be available as “share” destination (also for other purposes).


I don’t ask for any FP work here, I just ask for advice in our “apps” forum :wink:
And I did find apps that’ll do the job but with a PC or mac as “sender”, just not another android tablet.
My worry is, I may have missed an existing app. It seems finding the right search keywords is difficult here…

You could try to use MAXS (it is available on F-Droid too) which handles phone remote controlling by using an XMPP protocol backend.
You need 2 XMPP accounts: a “sender” from a client installed on the tablet and a “receiver” used by MAXS; then by simply issuing a set of commands from the “sender” account you can control your phone.
If you want to remain on your local net you will need an XMPP server software running on your net, otherwise you can use your GMail account or any other free Jabber server online (simply Google for them)
Bye :smile:


Thank you DjDas!
I’m going to try this, although it sounds a bit complicated. I think this has the advantage of not depending on a third-party for the connection, contrary to the PC- or Mac-tethering apps here and there. But I wanted to be sure no such app did exist for android-to android tethering…

No idea if this will actually work, but worth a try: you could try to do this with Airdroid. Airdroid is meant to manage your phone from your desktop computer, but maybe you can install the app on the phone, and open the web interface in the browser on your tablet (web.aidroid.com), without installing the app. This way, you should be able to send text messages from the tablet, but using your fairphone number.