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Hi all,

Currently, my fp3 screen is not responding to my touch. I want to know if I need to buy a new screen or that I should buy a new fp3. I contacted the #fairphoneangels but he could not help answer the question.
Does someone know about some sort of test service in a store or anything, where I can check if switching my screen will solve my problem? Where I can try a sample screen and see if my phone works again then?
Or would there be someone in the area Amsterdam, Utrecht, or Eindhoven who can borrow me their fp3 screen for 5 minutes so I can check if changing the screen solves my problem?
(I really do not want to buy a new screen to only then find out that the screen was not the problem.)

Thanks in advance

Dialing *#*#66#*#* will allow you to access a test service. Choose Single Tests, then Touchscreen (or something similar), and you will have the ability to draw freely on the screen and notice any touchscreen related problem.
Otherwise the Fairphone Checkup app on F-Droid does the same job.


Thanks Alex,

Unfortunately, I am not able to dial anything as my screen is not working at all. So I need to find another way to test if the screen is the problem.

You’re not able to install the Fairphone checkup app either? You could try downloading the apk from F-Droid and installing it from adb with adb install [name].apk.
If your screen isn’t working to the point that you can’t dial anything, I think it’s clear you have a problem.
I don’t know whether it could be linked to core-module or not (I don’t think so), but it really seems your touchscreen is defective.

You could operate the phone with a USB OTG adapter and a USB mouse, if you have those.

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