Temperature sensors in a FP2

My computer has several sensors measuring the temp of components. I can read them with the help of the terminal or an app.

I was wondering if the FP2 also has sensors and if there are apps to read them out.


On FP Open OS 1606 at least SatStat has no reading for temperature, pressure or humidity. So, probably not (except I think the temperature of the battery can be read)

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Yes, the FP2 has sensors.
and yes, there are apps to read them out.


Do you have tips for apps? Preferably fdroid

Try a search at Fdroid with the keyword “sensors” …

For exampe CPU-Z reads plenty of sensors, including thermals.

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So yes, it reads thermal sensors from the electronics (like the PC sensors), but there are no environmental thermal sensors…

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No that is great, i mean electronics sensors.

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