Telegram/threema won't allow voice messages/pictures on new fp3+

Hi everyone, I hope to find some help on my new FP3+ (android10).
I got it in the mail a week ago after having used a fp2 for some years.
On my old fp, I used Threema, WhatsApp and Telegram without any problems. I also managed to take along my chats etc. to the new fp. After two days, Telegram started to not download pictures or GIFs that were sent to me (neither via wifi nor mobile data). A day later I could not send nor recieve voice messages and could not even see my own “big emojis” (when I cut of that funtion, they were shown all right, but small, which is OK, but still weird). I tried to vary my settings, I restarted, but nothing worked. I (unsuccessfully) tried to contact the Telegram Support. I considered giving up on Telegram.
Today, Threema also stopped playing voice records (“could not be downloaded”), while yesterday it still did. I still can send them, though. Even voice messages I recieved earlier are “no longer available”. I have not changed my settings over the last two days.
Video sound and phone sound seem fine.

Anyone got an idea or at least the same problem?
Please send help to
nina (germany)

Doesn’t really sound related but still:
Do you use an SD card and if yes, did you configure it as internal or portable storage?


Yes, it’s supposed to be an internal storage.

Well, as I said SD as internal storage doesn’t have to be the reason for your problems but it has shown in various cases to generate obscure problems so I’d strongly recommend to only use SD cards as portable storage.
Unfortunately I’m not sure there’s an easy way to get the internal storage out of your system. Best would be to do a factory reset and start anew. As your phone is just a few days old it may be not too hard. Still, it could possibly mean a reinstallation of everything…


I am surprised that either the data cannot be transferred or read maybe. If the data is on the SD card can it not be read remotely, on another phone or by connecting a computer and hence transferred?

Maybe. It’s good if @Nina_Cie gives it a try!

I’m just not sure how the system behaves once you remove the internal SD/internal storage (as I assume it migrates phone storage and SD internal store to one complete storage).

By being part of Internal Storage the SD card is encrypted.
Interpreting what I read here, decryption would need a component in the phone, just knowing the unlock method and having the encrypted data somewhere else would not be enough … but perhaps I interpret wrong …

Wasn’t capable of managing the sd card settings, so I did a factory reboot and set the sd card as portable storage.
Looks good, so far. Will let you know if problem reoccurs.

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I’ve had the same issue, after moving to app telegram to my sd card. All pictures were blurred. It did not work immediately after removing the app to the internal storage, but after reinstalling the app und restarting the phone, it worked.

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