Technologies for Fairphone 5

I have hope for a good quality OLED screen, a powerful gpu to be able to play all the games in full quality
And also case who don’t expand

Airdrop and iOS compatibily, step away from google

Higher resolution would be nice, less weight optional

I quite doubt that Apple would allow this. But you don’t have to use Google services, there are many other options like /e/.


It´s not about hardware but I´d like to request the option to have two different Bluetooth connections active at the same time.
For example: Using earplugs (in my case hearing aids) and a separate microfone at the same time.
This audio “routing” option is common on PCs. You can choose by yourself to put audio out on BT and audio in (microfone) on cable or on a second BT connection.

There are probably other use cases for having several (manageable) BT connections at once.

And for long term usability it´s always good not only to have good CPU/GPU but to have the newest connection standards included (newest BT/WIFI/etc. standards).

BUT ONLY if we don´t need to pay license costs to Google, Apple and other big evil companies (or Fairphone has to pay for the licenses and of course forwards these costs to us customers).
This is my personal mindset - it might be others don´t care as much.

Additional it would be nice if the Fairphones would be built in Europa instead of China. It would be worth some Euros more.

I would buy the Fairphone 5 in a heartbeat if it had an upgradeable modular telcom radio that we can pay extra for the extra frequencies if we want the module. (Or just came with the 5G bands)
5G bands: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 12, 14, 20, 25, 28, 30, 38, 40, 41, 48, 66, 71, 77, 78, 257, 258, 260, 261 SA/NSA/Sub6

The reason I did not upgrade to a Fairphone 4 was the lack of 5G bands. I travel a lot and routinely switch sims, so I had to buy a pixel 6 pro to use 5G reliably.

Please do NOT switch to e-sim. The physical sim cards are independence.


It’s always people who don’t want a headphone jack who say a USB adapter is a good solution.
Anyone who actually uses headphones with a 3.5mm jack doesn’t want to relegate it to a USB adapter.

Besides, if Fairphone cares about e-waste, they should oppose requiring you to use wireless headhones. Any device that requires batteries just to work, especially if the batteries in the device aren’t user replaceable, means you’ll have to throw at least the batteries away if not the entire device at some point.

Whereas you can get headphones or speakers that are like 50 years old using a 3.5mm headphone jack, and they’ll keep working.


There are no shortage of phones that are left in the cold by the manufacturer who won’t provide any updates, and you can’t even install your own OS on it because they won’t let you unlock the bootloader.
As long as you can unlock the bootloader, and there are resources for third parties to make their own ROMs for it, I’m not that worried.

The only issue I have with the Fairphone 4 in that regard is the fact that you can’t use the 48MP camera to its full potential on most third party ROMs. I think only /e/ has gotten binaries to make it work properly.

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I think you project a feeling of control because you have something physical. If you fear getting cut off the network then having a physical SIM won’t help you. This is always a possibility. eSIM is efficiënt, flexible and doesn’t need extra parts and thus more sustainable.


In my experience, you cannot move easily the eSIM to another phone as the physical SIM (if you have that tool at hand to remove it). For the eSIM, you need to call your operator and get a new QR code, at least with O2. But when are you going to need this? Almost never.


That is the standard reverse psychology used by telcom companies to tether their customers to their call centers for the purpose of increasing the switching costs to another carrier.

Preventing customers from switching SIMs without calling their call centers first, being put on hold, and having to often wait for a day or two before the e-sim converts, EACH TIME you wish to change an E-SIM is an effective deterent to switching providers.

To be clear: Physical SIM cards permit you to change carriers at-will. That is independence.

I carry multiple physical SIM cards from multiple telcom companies which I can switch in both physical SIM sockets at-will, thus always having the two phone numbers I want active.

I suggest, if an e-SIM is wanted, that FF5 keep the two physical SIM slots, and add an e-SIM which takes little space on a circuit board. That would make FF5 one of the only mainstream phone with three sims.


The FP4 already has (only) one physical SIM slot and one eSIM so there’s nothing to keep here and that’s probably not going to change in the future. Only eSIM seems way more likely…

I have multiple eSIM (and a physical one) and just activate the one I need at the moment, doesn’t seem all that different to me :man_shrugging:
You can easily toggle them on and off…


all right, but
a phsyical sim is a phsyical sim is a phsyical sim… as long as i can get one i take it :wink:

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OFF topic but I remember people saying the same with hard cash, and most have adopted credit/debit cards and some are even using electronically generated ‘finances’

Back to gold - I don’t think so

One each of physical SIM card and a SIM-u-later sounds fine, but then I have an FP3 :slight_smile:

I don’t have that much experience with eSIMs, but the times I was considering them, they could be downloaded from their website. Which was also a concern in the security community at one time. Because if your account would be hacked, someone could hijack your phone number. This is sort of fixed now with two factor authentication, with most providers.

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At least with my provider you would have to intercept me registering the eSIM in my phone, that QR-Code is single use only and a new one has to be generated if the eSIM is deleted on the phone.


With Vodafone you just delete the eSIM on one device and then you can add it on another one using the eSIM QR code. No operator call needed.


Sigh The good old topic.
No. A Dongle is a not a full replacement for an integrated DAC for multiple reasons.
No. A Headphone Jack and Waterproofing are not incongruous.
Yes. A Headphone Jack adds expense and slight complexity… especially when retaining Waterproofing.

I’d still like one but i won’t be overly bummed if there’s none. A Phone is generally not required to be a hifi device.
That being said: If they are modularizing everything anyway… it would be super sweet to have a module for a headphone jack that could be exchanged for a really good dac… cause then it IS a hifi device and bluetooth is no longer adequate.


Ok, but why is a dongle not as good as an integrated DAC (mainly)?

Why is Bluetooth not adequate for a Hi-Fi device? It is a high speed digital link.

Just curious. Thanks.

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Dongles are annoying. It’s something I’ve really only appreciates when using it. They get lost. You have to look for them… Stuff like that.
There’s also technical stuff about small dongles like interference and charging while hearing which are issues.

Now for BT. Bt is instable. It’s designed to be lossy and still be fine. That’s ok for most audio needs but it leads to audible issues on high quality hardware. It’s also got lag if that matters in the application.
You can kinda work around that with high quality devices and transfer protocols but it’s an issue. Main issue is that you’ll not für that into an earbud for quite a while.